Wailupe Fishpond

Lit., Kite Water (kites were flown in only prescribed places; this was one of them. (Pukui, Elbert, Moʻokini)

The Wailupe Fishpond’s traditional name was Loko Iʻa o Wailupe.

Sankichi Nakano

Leased the Wailupe Fishpond from 1918-1941

Katherine Nakano

is Sankichi Nakano’s daughter-in-law

Carolyn Fujishima

is Sankichi Nakano’s granddaughter

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of their remembrances of Wailupe Fishpond

The pond is 41 acres in area.  The Wall is approximately 2500 feet long.  The west side is a broad sandy area at least 50 feet wide, through which four outlets (makaha) now pass.  The remainder of the wall is 12 feet wide, with waterworn basalt faced higher on the outside than within.  The central part is of dirt and sandfill.


    Archeology of O’ahu 1933

Wailupe Fishpond 1935