Kaʻalākei Valley

Mr. Kahana was the native of Makapuʻu who prayed for fish to multiply.  This he did, when he awoke in the morning, he commanded the people to let down the net for fish, mullet, kala, oio, akule, weke and others and he directed them where to go.  When the fish were surrounded by the net, the fire was lighted and everybody helped himself to fish.  That was what they did in times past.

George Poola

    Anoai o Oʻahu nei

    Hoku o Hawaiʻi, Dec, 31, 1929

    Oʻahu Place Names

Mrs. Pukui say that the praying was done at Kaʻalakei Valley where there are “identical hills.”

Sterlings and Summer

        Sites of Oʻahu p. 271

Lit., The proud water worn stone (Pukui, Elbert, Mo'okini)

Kaʻalakei Valley from front of Maunalua 1914