Kawauoha Heiau

The heiau was 75 feet square.  It was completely destroyed only a few years ago.


    Archeology of O’ahu 1933

Unu of Kawauoha

Hear ye, ye Land Commissioners:  I am writing concerning my coconut trees which were planted by my kupunas.  There were eight of them.  Most of them have been cut down.  My kupunas made the unu (altar) of Kawauoha and when it was completed they sacrificed a man and planted those coconuts.  Here is this explanation - at the time my kupunas were sent the pig by the wahine of Peleioholani, my kupunas received it and then sacrificed the pig and the man.  This is the thing concerning these coconuts.


Wailupe, Dec. 29, 1847

Native Register

Vol. 3, p. 427-8