Kupapa Fishpond

Old Niu Fishpond is part of a tract of 2,446 acres that was once a summer home of Kamehameha I and which later claimed by Alexander Adams under Claim No. 802 filed Feb. 14, 1848, with the land commission at the time of the Great Mahele.

The claim states:

From the testimony of Governor Kekuanaoa and Mrs. ii, it appears that the claimant was created lord of konohiki of this land, in the time of Kamehameha I, and that he has exercised the konohikiship of the same without dispute ever since they year of Our Lord 1822.

It further appears that the claimant obtained his rights in this land, in the same way that he obtained his rights in the land comprised in the Claim No. 801, namely in remuneration for services rendered the king as sea captain or sailing master.

Ancient Fishpond at Niu is Homesite Development

    Honolulu Advertiser   March 22, 1953

Kupapa fishpond can be seen in the background