Lit., Hill beginning or Bulging eye

(Pukui, Elbert, Moʻokini)

Makapuʻu hill divides in tw at the base.  The point on the Waimanalo sideis called Makapuu but on the one on the Honolulu side is called Moeau.  Between them is a cave called Ke-akua-pololi.  These places cannot be seen except from the sea in a canoe.  A small point below Makapuu is called Miana (urinating place), why so, Aiona did not know.


                                                  Charles Aiona  

                                                  Waimanalo, Oʻahu Sept 14, 1939

Makapuʻu 1923


Makapuu and Makaaoa, were sisters of Moikeha and came with him from Tahiti.  “Upon arriving at Oahu, Moikehaʻs sisters expressed their wish to remain in Oahu and make their home here . . . ʻWe wish to make this our place of residence, where we can see the cloud drifts of Tahiti.ʻ

Because of this desire of the two sisters, Makapuu and Makaaoa, they were allowed to remain on Oahu.”

Fornander Coll., Vol IV

Page 116