Lit., Buoyant. (Clark)

Also know as Rabbit Island

There are 4 islands off Makapu'u.  The largest is Manana (now called Rabbit Island).  The next is a small one called Kakalaioa. The next largest with a patch of green plants on it, is Mokuhope, and last of all there is a tiny island, merely a rocking sticking up above the water.  It is Kaohiipu.

Charles Alona

    Informant, Sept. 14, 1939

    Waimanalo, Oahu Place Names

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with the sharks, her 'aumakua, at Mānana


Kaohikaipu.  Islet near Rabbit Island, O’ahu.  A native reports that the island was formerly called Mokuhope (island behind), and that a rock that projects at low tide was Kaohikaipu

(hold back the container), so called because the rock blocked sea-swept matter.

Places Names of Hawaiʻi

Pukui, Elbert, Mookini


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Kakalaioa.  It was named Kakalaioa because the rocks were as sharp as kakalaioa thorns.

No kakalaioa has ever grown on it.

Pukui, M.K.

Waimanalo, Manana

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