Maunalua History

Maunalua - Lit., Two Mountains

(Pukui, Elbert, Moʻokini)

In historical references Maunalua, has at times, been included in the the Ko'olaupoko district, the windward side, of O'ahu.  Today the boundary lines are very distinct in placing Maunalua in the Kona District, also known as the Honolulu District  (from Moanalua to Maunalua and ending at Makapu'u point).   The references to the placement of Maunalua in the ahapua'a of Waimanalo highlights the long and reciprocal relationship Maunalua and Waimānalo shared for generations.  

The addition of Waimānalo in the Maunalua region website today honors the relationship these two communities enjoyed historically and which continues today.

“The land of Maunalua is an ili of the ahapua’a of of Waimanalo and originally belonged to Koolaupoko district.  Maps made as late as 1902 placed it in that district.  It is situated on the south side of the Koolau range and should really be a part of Honolulu district.  The many previous acts referring to O’ahu districts never did make this sufficiently clear, so in the above amendment  (Revised Laws of Hawai’i 1925) of 1932, the description of Honolulu and Koolaupoko districts clarified this point.”

(From Makapu’u Head in Maunalua to Moanalua inclusive, and the islands not included in any other district, to be styled the Honolulu district; From Lae o ka Oio to Makapu’u Head in Waimanalo, to be styled the Koolaupoko District).

John Wesley Coulter

    A Gazetteer of the Territory of Hawai’i

The ahapuaʻa of of Waimanalo, including the fishpond at Maunalua and the traveling uhu of Makapu’u,belonged to Maui-mua(First Maui).

Kauakahikaaola, S. M. K. (Kamakau)

    Kuoka, Nov. 27, 1875

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an article from July 24, 1865 about traditional areas around O’ahu including the Maunalua district.