Nā ʻAnae Holo Mural Project



‘Anae Holo Mural Project with Artist Ran Noveck

What is the mural project?

Between the months of December - February the ‘Anae (mullet) would holo (travel) from Puʻuloa (Pearl Harbor) around Oʻahu. They would travel east along the coastline and travel to Loko I’a o Maunalua (Maunalua Fishpond). This went on for centuries, but because of modern changes to the ecology of the oceans of Oʻahu, this once majestic and historic run no longer takes place in the large scale it once did.

To honor the ʻanae holo for the centuries they did this run, and the ‘anae who fed our ancestors in Hawaiʻi, Maunalua.net and artist Ran Noveck are creating murals along Kalanianaole Highway starting at Kahala and going into Maunalua representing the ‘anae’s famed travels.  

The murals will be thematically the same sharing the amazing story of the ʻanae holo.  And the murals also tie our communities together through the story of the ʻanae hole that touched all the waters in East Oʻahu.

There is NO Cost for those who agree to have a mural painted on their wall along Kalanianaole Highway. In addition, Ran will monitor the murals; if any graffiti “tagging” takes place over them, he will repair the murals.

Ran Noveck is a well-respected mural artist in Hawaiʻi. Graffiti artists respect mural artists, and it is the hope of Maunalua.net and Ran that when these murals are created along Kalanianaole Highway it will help stop the on-going “tagging” on private property.

Who are we?

Maunalua.net is a cultural website dedicated to sharing the cultural history of Maunalua.

Ran Noveck is an artist based in Maunalua who shares stories through murals he creates in Hawaiʻi,

the continental U.S. and Internationally.  To view Ranʻs work:

Honolulu Advertiser 1939

Would you like a mural?

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