Niu Trail

The narrow trail began at Niu and led through the valley of Kailiʻili-iki til it went up a Koʻolau mountain and down into Waimānalo.  It was said that the Hawaiians traveled on this trail from Waimānalo to Niu, and from Niu to Waimānalo.  The population was large and in these places in centuries past . . . . It was about seventy-five years ago that the Hawaiians stopped using this trail . . .  they thought that when they got to the top of Kilohana the descent would be steep, but when they got up by the mountain trail they found that the ropes they brought were of no use. They said that the other side of the mountain toward Waimanalo was very steep, yet descent was very good and they had no trouble getting down to the ground below.

Loaʻa Kekahi mau Alahele o ka wa Kahiko

   Kuokoa, Feb. 10, 1922   Newspaper