On the Makapuʻu side of Hālona is a healing stone in the ocean.  One has to swim over it.  The sea is also called ʻOkuʻu.

Mary Kawena Pukui

    May 28, 1953

“I went with an old lady out past the Blow Hole, right where the sandy stretch of beach begins.  Out there is a stone where Hawaiians used to go.  The name of the stone was ʻokuʻu which means crouch.  The old lady headed out there and sat beside ʻokuʻu and had her ceremonial bath before we went on.  She said that’s where her people always went, with prayer.  ʻOkuʻu was the healing stone.”

Mary Kawena Pukui, E. W. Haertig, M.D., and Catherine A. Lee

    Nana I ke Kumu  1972 p. 123

Lit., Crouch (people crouched by a healing stone)

(Pukui, Elbert, Moʻokini)