There were many springs between Maunalua and Lēʻahi.  Many of those springs have been covered over or filled in.

It is said that many of the Springs were created by the Hawaiian God Kane.

"O Kane! [said Kanaloa] we keep on going and we are dying of hunger!  Let us eat."

Kane looked about him and saw that there was no water for mixing their refreshment of ʻawa drink.  He struck the earth with his staff and water gushed forth . . . . They had not gone far  [on their waterless way] when Kanaloa wanted to eat again . . . so Kane again struck the earth . . . and water gushed forth . . . and many were the waterholes made by Kane between Hanauma and Laehi [Leahi].

                                                                           Green and Pukui (1929, p.113)